Andrew Indelicato, artist. Curensea Interview Series

Andrew Indelicato holds a Masters in Fine Arts and a Masters in Product Innovation. He is passionate about color design and Japanese culture. Recently Indelicato has been featured in multiple publications and group shows. Today Indelicato is teaching Art, Creativity, and Design at Virginia Commonwealth University. He is a self-described "goofy guy" who loves niche nostalgia and anything dealing with “nerd” culture. You can see his website here and find him on instagram @andrew_indelicato.

Curensea: What is the best part about being an artist?

Andrew Indelicato: Uncertainty - knowing that you have no idea what the outcome might be when you make something, but you eventually find it through the process. It keeps you on your toes - even if you plan everything out, there is still a sense of uncertainty.

C: What themes do you explore through your artwork? What do you hope your art communicates to others?

AI: The beauty of alternate futures that lay within the aesthetics of niche Anime and video game subcultures. In today’s age we are always looking for something to escape into. Remembrance and the retro always come forth. We want to relive ourselves within the nature of what we watched and saw when we were younger. It’s all about connecting to something that never was but perhaps might come forth in the future. The work draws upon the cyberpunk and dystopian aesthetics with subtle hints of neon vaporwave culture. It's big, bold, and a tad kitsch. The work can become somewhat awkward, but we as viewers crave this and then always want to take a peek. The work wants to communicate a nostalgic sense while questioning everything along the way.

C: What are your favorite video games and anime characters and why?

AI: When it comes to Anime I’m a fan of anything Mecha like Gundam. I’m also a fan of the movie Akira and one of my favorite animators is Akira Toriyama. I love robots and what they stand for: it's future tech that now is right on your doorstep; it’s scary but  exciting at the same time. Akira Toriyama is mostly known because he started DragonBall, but he has a lot of wonderful illustrations and projects he was the originator of as well. He has a simple aesthetic that comes across a little too cute but has dark undertones which I enjoy.  You see, I was an Nintendo kid growing up, so I have a fondness for anything Nintendo, but as I grew older I branched out and fell in love with PlayStation games. I don’t have a specific character, but I enjoy games that live within a highly fantasized world, such as RPG’s and some action adventure games.   

C: What's your process from idea to finished piece?

AI: Research - and that usually ends up being watching a lot of anime and or playing video games heh. I generally start with some sketches and a list of potential ideas, then after some internal deliberation, I decide on where to go and what to do. Most of my work goes through changes about halfway through the piece until I find the right moment where it all clicks and it's done.

C: What's your dream art project?

AI: Well, I have two: I want to do mural work and larger scale work that incorporates neon and projection. I also want to develop a vinyl figure based on and around my art.

C: What do you love about making GIFs and video? How long have you been doing it? Do you remember the first GIF you ever made?

AI: Well, I love bringing things to life within my work. I make GIFs and videos on my phone so they aren’t long, but I feel like I can communicate everything in those few seconds. It really has to do with how long people spend looking at something. That’s why I like to keep the time short. I also feel that the medium of GIF is under appreciated or it's all associated around MEME culture. But in my case I want to portray something darker and perhaps somewhat off but that still relates to everything I’m doing.  I’ve been making GIFs and video for around seven years now. The first GIF I made was a little two to three frame picture back in grad school.

C: If you could give advice to your younger self about making art, what would it be?

AI: Make bigger stuff sooner and never second guess yourself while making something.

C: Who are your biggest influences?

AI: Kaws, Greg Mike, Takashi Murakami

C: What do you think the future of art looks like?

AI: More sustainable and aware of our future on this planet. I also think it will revolve around more AR technology and how you can combine physical spaces with digital aesthetics.   

C: What are your favorite things to do besides making art?

AI: I love to cook and travel. I play video games outside of research purposes as well as build models.

C: What was art school like?

AI: Challenging, fun, and very demanding. Overall it was worthwhile for the experiences and friends you create.

C: What's your favorite animal and why?

AI: Bear. A Bear is big, bad, and fluffy.

C: What's the meaning of life?

AI: The meaning of life is easy... It's RGB.

Thank you, Andrew!