Andrew Indelicato is an Artist, Teacher and Designer practicing in all forms of visual art. Indelicato received his BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond Va, he has his Masters in Painting and Drawing From the University of Georgia and a Masters in Product Innovation from Virginia Commonwealth University. After teaching in South Carolina, Andrew Indelicato now lives and works in Richmond,Va.

Recent Statement-

The work revolves around the language of dystopian aesthetics that lay  within the context of niche Anime subcultures. As well the work generates references to retro video games from the 80's and 90's.  Through Bright stylized colors combined with the fast paced nature of ink and spray paint these topics come forth. The work wants to be questioned and made for the viewer to think about the mash up of designs and cultures that perhaps might happen in the not too distant future.  The work calls to be remembered and stir up personal memories and connections that the viewer once had. Through painting,drawing, and digital occurrences I push these ideas forward. In the end you should want to question the mashup, question the combination of colors and references to make your own conclusion.